Skyline District Award Nominations

Skyline District awards are presented each year at the District Dinner. 

Skyline District Nomination Form


Type of Award

The Nominee has served Scouting in the following positions:

List time in years (e.g., 1.5 years)

Cub Scouts

Boy Scouts

Venturing and Sea Scouts

District / Council / National Service

List positions and number of years served.


Trainings Completed


Awards and Recognitions

*discontinued as of 2012


Noteworthy Service

Describe service of exceptional character upon which this nomination is based, be specific. Include service to youth in Scouting and outside of Scouting. Provide specific examples.


Blume-Hardcastle-Hogue Award

Please complete this section for nominations for Blume-Harcastle-Hogue award.